What's Qarman?


QARMAN is the ”QubeSat for Aerothermodynamic Research and Measurements on AblatioN” of  the von Karman Institute, developed in the framework of the QB50 project.

For more information on QARMAN, contact the QARMAN project leader:
Vincent Van der Haegen
Waterloose Steenweg 72
B-1640 Sint Genesius Rode
+32 2 359 96 56
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The QARMANteam underlines the importance of scientific education for children (8 to 18 years). Therefore, we are open for participation and advice in educational projects and/or debates in the framework of satellite building and space science in general. Feel free to contact us! Questions from individual children or school projects can be answered in English, French, Dutch, German, Italian or Turkish.


Vincent Van der Haegen is a senior research engineer at the von Karman Institute. He acts as the project manager of QARMAN.

Isil Sakraker is a PhD candidate in aerospace in-flight experiments and flight-to-ground extrapolation at the von Karman Institute. She manages QARMAN’s plasma tests and the aero-thermodynamic payloads.

Thorsten Scholz is a junior research engineer at the von Karman Institute. He is responsible for the Aero-stability and de-orbiting system of QARMAN.

Ertan Umit is the systems engineer of the team. He is responsible for the electronics, communication and software development.

Gilles Bailet is a PhD candidate in plasma physics at the Ecole Centrale de Paris. He specializes in plasma test methodologies and is responsible for the spectrometer payload.

Paride Testani is a junior research engineer at VKI, and takes care of sub-system engineering and the liaison between QARMAN and QB50.

Lamberto Dell’Elce develops the algorithms needed for the differential drag experiment.

Terence Boeyen is a watchmaker by trade, and handles fine adjustments on the mechanical parts of the satellite.


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